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How much is the fee to send to Myanmar?

The fee to send to India in any amount is $5.00.

How long would it take for my recipient in Myanmar to receive the money?

If the transaction is sent before 8:30 SGT, the money will be credited in two days. Beyond that, the money will be credited in three days.    

What is the maximum transfer limit to Myanmar?

Below are our transfer limits:   Monthly limit – $2500   Per transaction limit to bank accounts – No limit    

How do I send money overseas?

You can follow the steps below on how to send money overseas:   Open the app > click send overseas > swipe left 4 onboarding screens > click I got it > choose country where you want to send > type the amount you want to send and click search > choose your collection mode […]

Do I need to verify my account before I can use SLIDE to send money overseas?

Yes. After you have signed and filled up the remittance form in the app, it will prompt you to do a video call with us for the verification of your account.   The verification call will take 2-3 minutes and will only be required when you send with us for the first time.

Can I amend the transaction details if I enter wrong beneficiary details/information?

You will be able to cancel the transaction if the status is still in ‘Pending Payment’ status but once it goes to processing, kindly call or whatsapp message us at 9617 7488 for assistance.

Why is my transaction delayed?

There may be occasional delays caused by unforeseen issues with our payment partners and local markets. Public Holidays If your transaction is submitted before on a public holiday in the sending or receiving country, the transaction might expect some delays and it might be processed on the next working day instead.  Inaccurate or Missing Information […]

How do I top up my SLIDE WALLET?

You can top up your SLIDE Wallet via 7-Eleven, doing iBanking or ATM Transfer. Click HERE for a detailed guide.

How do I check the progress of my remittance?

You can check the status of your remittance at 2 places: Home page > ‘Send Overseas’ > ‘Status’ > View Receipt & Status Home page > ‘History’ > ‘Send Overseas’ > View Receipt & Status Also, you will receive notifications for any updates on the status of your remittance transactions in CHAT.

How can I see the latest exchange rate?

Go to ‘Send Overseas’ > the current day’s exchange rate will be shown once you put the amount you want to send and the collection mode. The exchange rate will also be shown in the payment page.