iChange Privacy Policy

  • Your trust is one of our most important assets. This Policy thereby aims to give you an understanding of how SLIDE collects, uses, shares, and protects your personal data.
  • We may amend or review this Policy at any time, such as in response to changes in legislation and regulations. We remain committed to safeguarding your information and being transparent about our data protection practices.
  • This Policy is to be read together with the Terms and Conditions at https://slide.sg/terms/ and applies to all SLIDE services provided by iAPPS under such Terms and Conditions.


Collection of Personal Data


  • Personal data refers to data about an individual who can be identified from either that particular data, or from that data and other information, which we have or are likely to have access to.
  • Commonly collected personal data of our customers typically include, amongst other things, names, addresses, telephone (landline and mobile) numbers, images, contact list, location, e-mail addresses, NRIC/FIN, dates of birth, bank and credit card details.
  • Wherever possible, we only collect personal data directly from you. Your data (including personal data where you are an individual) may be collected through the use of the Site and/or the App, or through marketing events such as road shows or any other means, for the purpose of verifying, collecting, managing and administering the SLIDE accounts and services.
  • In addition to personal data provided to us, certain information related to you that are not considered personal data may also be collected. We collect this information to improve our Site, App and other online services.
  • Such non-personal data may include information such as your IP address, the internet browser you use, details of your interaction with our Site and/or the App, and other types of non-personal data.
  • We may also receive personal information about you from other sources if you have given permission for that information to be shared. This may include information from commercially available sources, such as public databases and data aggregators, and information from third parties which we believe you have authorized to provide your personal details on your behalf.
  • Use of Cookies: We and some of our business partners (including iApps Pte Ltd) may use data collection devices such as “cookies” on certain pages of the Site and on our App to personalise your online experience, help analyze our Site and the App flow and measure promotional effectiveness. “Cookies” are small files placed on your hard drive that assist us in providing our services. We may offer features that are only available through the use of a “cookie”. We also use cookies to reduce the number of times you need to enter your password. Cookies may also help us provide to you information targeted in accordance to your interests. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but you can modify your browser to decline cookies (if your browser permits you to do so), although in such a case you may not be able to access certain features on our Site and/or the App or some interactive features offered on our Site and/or the App may be restricted or rendered inoperable.


Using Your Personal Data


  • We may use your data for the following reasons:
    ➢ Managing your SLIDE Account
    ➢ Processing your registration for SLIDE services
    ➢ Verifying your identity
    ➢ Allowing access to SLIDE services
    ➢ Conducting market research, survey and/or analysis
    ➢ Processing credit transactions for the depositing of funds in your SLIDE Wallet through our Site and/or the App
    ➢ Improving your experience on our Site and the App
    ➢ Making the Site and the App easier to use and tailoring the Site and the App to your interests and needs
    ➢ Fulfilling a legal or regulatory requirement, including providing assistance to law enforcement, judicial and other government agencies
    ➢ Responding to your queries and/or feedback
    ➢ Informing you of service and security issues
    ➢ Preventing and detecting fraud or other crimes
    ➢ Conducting internal audits
    ➢ Ensuring the safety and security of our properties and systems
    ➢ Conducting anti-money laundering checks, and checks against terrorism financing and related risks
    ➢ Informing you of updates and/or developments to SLIDE services
    ➢ Informing you of any changes to our Terms & Conditions which may affect you


Sharing your Personal Data


  • As a general rule, we do not share your personal information with anyone. However, we may share your personal information with trusted third parties:
    ➢ iAPPS Pte Ltd, and any iAPPS Subsidiary

➢Any third payment aggregators that SLIDE may appoint from time to time to perform remittance transactions.
➢ Google Cloud Platform, which we use to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate user registration
➢ Business partners and merchants we work with to provide services you have registered for,
➢ Financial institutions for purposes related to SLIDE services, including the marketing and selling of banking products related to SLIDE
➢ Law enforcement and government authorities where they have followed due legal process to request us to disclose the information
➢ Research institutions for market analysis purposes
➢ Third parties who wish to send you information about their products and services, but only if you have given us your consent to do so
➢ Third party providers of services, such as data processing or web analytics tool providers such as Google.


  • We may share your personal data for:
    ➢ Reasons provided under the clause above
    ➢ Verification of your identity;
    ➢ Processing credit transactions for the depositing of funds in your eWallet through our Site and/or the App;
    ➢ Enforcement of applicable terms of use of the Site and/or the App;
    ➢ Conducting investigations into possible breaches of applicable laws;
    ➢ Complying with a court order or other legal or regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions we operate.


  • In situations where a third party under contract with us collects personal data about you, we will require the third party to exercise reasonable care in protecting your information.
  • For your convenience, we may also display to you personal data you had previously supplied us or other agencies. We will retain your personal data only as necessary for the effective delivery of services to you.
  • The Site and/or the App may contain links to sites whose data protection and privacy practices may differ from ours. We are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of these other websites and encourage you to consult the privacy notices and/or policies of those sites.


Protecting your Data


  • We have implemented stringent measures to secure and protect your information. These include:
    ➢ Safeguards to prevent security breaches in our network and database systems
    ➢ Limits on access to data in our systems, the systems of financial institutions linked to SLIDE, and the systems of our business partners and merchants.
    ➢ Strict verification processes to prevent unauthorised access to data


Respecting your contact preferences


  • SLIDE is committed to complying with the Do Not Call (“DNC”) provisions. We have always been mindful of engaging our users in a more targeted and relevant way.
  • We may send marketing messages to your Singapore telephone number if:
    ➢ you have given your consent, OR
    ➢ you have not registered with the national DNC Registry, OR
    ➢ the sending of such messages is permissible under applicable laws and regulations.


  • Our marketing messages aim to update you about exclusive offers, rewards programme and special deals from our preferred partners and advertisers.
  • If you wish to stop receiving the marketing messages, you can contact us via email and your request will be processed within 30 calendar days.
  • Please note that after opting out, you may still continue to receive non-marketing messages, such as product updates and service notices as permitted under applicable local laws and regulations.
  • Please feel free to email us at [email protected]