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Where can my recipient collect the money I’ve sent?

Recipients can either collect by cash pick up or bank account, depending on the collection points available in each sending country. 

How can I see the latest exchange rate?

Go to ‘Send Overseas’ > the current day’s exchange rate will be shown once you put the amount you want to send and the collection mode. The exchange rate will also be shown in the payment page.

How much is the remittance fee?

You can view our remittance fees after you select a recipient in ‘Send Overseas’.

Where can I send my money to?

You can view the list of countries supported when you tap on ‘Send Overseas’ in home page.

How soon will my loved ones get my remittance in my country?

It depends from country to country. Philippines Account credit: Any bank account next day. Cash pick up: Instantly through cash pick up shops like Cebuana, M Lhuillier and Palawan Indonesia Instantly to any bank’s ATM.

I changed my mobile phone number, can I still remit?

You must update your mobile number, if not you will not be able to submit any remittance transaction as all remittance transactions in SLIDE require OTP. To update – Home page, tap ‘Me’ > Tap ‘Edit’ > Enter your password > Tap ‘Mobile No.’ > Enter new mobile number > Tap ‘Update’.

If my work visa expires, can I still remit?

No. You have to update your particulars, take photo of your new work permit and reach out to any of our SlideSG staff at Whatsapp +65 9617 7688 for re-verification of your account.

Can I remit for my company?

That will be under corporate remittance. For corporate remittance, you may contact us at +65 6594 1380 or email us at [email protected] for further details.

Can I remit on behalf of my friend?

No, we strictly advise our members to remit only for themselves as much as possible.

How many recipients can I remit to?

You can remit up to a maximum of 5 recipients.