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Can I remit at SlideSG Stores?

Yes, you can remit cash at SlideSG Stores. You can also use SLIDE MEMBER app to remit, provided by SlideSG Pte. Ltd, a Monetary Authority of Singapore licensed remittance company.

Who can send money overseas?

You must be 18 years or older, are a Singaporean, Permanent Resident or Foreigner with a valid work visa (Employment Pass/ S Pass/ Work Permit) and have a Singapore mobile phone number. For identification, for Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents is your NRIC number and for Foreigners with work visa is FIN.

Can I use my passport to register if I’m not Singaporean?

No, you can only use your FIN from your Employment Pass/ S Pass/ Work Permit.

How do I send money overseas?

Open the app > click send overseas > swipe left 4 onboarding screens > click I got it > choose country where you want to send > type the amount you want to send and click search > choose slidesg to cebuana cash pick up or bank account > click you pay > choose recipient […]

How do I check the progress of my remittance?

You can check the status of your remittance at 2 places: Home page > ‘Send Overseas’ > ‘Status’ > View Receipt & Status Home page > ‘History’ > ‘Send Overseas’ > View Receipt & Status Also, you will receive notifications for any updates on the status of your remittance transactions in CHAT.

Will I get a receipt for my successful remittance?

Yes, you will get a notification in-app of your successful remittance. At Home page, tap ‘Send Overseas’ > Tap ‘Status’ > Tap ‘Send’ to see all your remitted money transactions > Tap any ‘Processed’ transaction > At ‘Receipt’ page, that transaction’s receipt is shown in detail.

Why do I need to be registered and verified?

For remittance, we and the authorities need to know who you really are, so we need to have a Whatsapp video call with you to verify your identity and information you submitted in the app.

What do I need to bring for verification?

You need to bring your NRIC or EP/ SP/ WP in Singapore to be verified.

How much money can I send overseas?

You can send up to your SLIDE WALLET limit per remittance transaction per country.   For Indonesia, the limit is up to S$2400.00 per remittance transaction.    For Philippines, the limit is up to S$1300.00 per remittance transaction.   Monthly limit to send to any country is S$5,000.00

What if I want to send more than my SLIDE WALLET limit?

You can reach out to us at our Whatsapp number +65 9617 7488 to discuss the document we require when sending more than the SLIDE Wallet limit.